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Your friend or relative has just had a baby. Other than giving the gift of sleep, how can you best congratulate the happy new family?

There are so many options on the market, from keepsake gifts that will be treasured forever to practical baby gadgets or trendy diaper cakes.

We often receive requests for June to provide thoughtful yet convenient present ideas, and have just launched a dedicated Gifting section with a small but growing selection of specially curated items.

We also recognize there’s no one way to gift, so here are nine fun yet practical and eco-friendly suggestions:

Visiting the newborn? Make sure you read our guide first.

1. Gift Cards

A June gift card allows you to celebrate new life by offering convenient access to safer, eco-friendly family products.

Let the parents decide the sunscreen, diaper cream or laundry powder that best suits their family’s changing needs—while saving them time and money.

2. Subscriptions

The months following a baby's birth are usually a time when families work to establish new routines and habits.

One of the easiest ways to ease the transition is with the gift of subscription services, whether it's monthly shipments of mom's favorite personal care products, weekly deliveries of healthy food hampers, or sign-ups to online classes and entertainment channels.

3. Newborn Kits

Life with a new family member can be tough, as parents adjust to what works for their baby.

That’s why newborn starter kits are ideal: gifts that contain a selection of products that fresh moms and dads can try out on their little ones to see if they like them.

June x Little Days Hamper from our Summer Giveaway Contest with Eugene’s son

4. Mom Hampers

It’s nice to get baby gifts, but don’t forget that mom could do with some pampering too.

You could put together a beautiful hamper of hand creams, body lotions and bath oils so she can soothe her weary body.

5. Spa Escapes

While at-home pampering has its perks, why not go one step further with a voucher for spa or massage services?

Dad can take over diaper duty while mom enjoys some alone time or catches up with friends over a mani-pedi or foot massage.

Treat new moms to a relaxing massage

6. Plants & Seedlings

New moms get inundated with flowers after the birth—but these can quickly wilt (plus parents will have their hands full when leaving the hospital!).

So think about a healthier, more lasting option such as a flowering fruit or herb plant that gets delivered after they arrive home.

In some African, Chinese and Indian cultures, there’s a tradition of planting trees upon the birth of a child—a beautiful, sustainable gesture that will last a lifetime.

A new baby is a life change for the whole family—so if you’re thinking of a gift, perhaps offer one to the older sibling or even the dog who may now be feeling left out!

Opt for clothing and accessories with room to grow

7. Clothes and Items They Will Grow Into

Children can grow through seven sizes in their first two years! We found several reports dating as far back as the 1950's, but no scientific research to prove that by age 2 some will already have reached half their adult height! True? Or old wives tale? Tell us your experience in the discussion at the end of the article. (Thanks!)

So if you’re gifting clothes, hats or shoes, it’s worth buying garments that have room to grow, so they’ll be able to wear them for more than just a few days.

8. A Pro Photo Shoot

New parents will want to treasure their first moments as a family forever—so consider booking a half-day photo shoot with a professional photographer to help them capture these memories.

Alternatively, now that everyone is a phone photographer, you could gift a prop set for parents to take their own fun snaps.

9. A Good Book

Newborns are gorgeous to look at but don’t provide much in the way of entertainment when they’re feeding or sleeping.

Take mom a copy of the latest bestseller or your favorite novel to keep her brain active during those long feeding sessions!

Tip: Avoid parenting books (they’ll read enough of that) and weepy dramas (emotions are still raging).

What great gift ideas have you had? Share your tips with the June community in the comments below!