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Sweet & Sour: The Facts About Sugar

Girl similing holding spoon

Can your child enjoy sweets without causing harm?

Is Your Child Getting Enough Dairy?

Is Your Child Getting Enough Dairy?

Hong Kong’s preschoolers aren’t consuming enough milk and dairy. Here’s how to make sure your kids measure up.

Get Fit, Have Fun & Bond With Baby

child climbs on mom's back during exercise

Health coach Chris Garvey shows new moms how to get fit cuddling, stretching and swimming with baby.

Beyond Plastic: Eco Packaging Explained

Recyclable pots with seedlings
Learn about packaging that minimizes your environmental impact.

The Truth About SLS And SLES

Washing up liquid pouring on to a kitchen sponge

Learn the facts about these common cleansing ingredients and whether your family should be avoiding them.

Help Your Child Overcome Stress At School

School children learning on tablet computers

Psychologist Dr. Jamie Chiu offers strategies to prepare your child for increased school workloads.

3 Reasons Play Is So Important For Children

A little boy plays with his buses and cars

Play therapist Rachel Winston explains how we can create happier, healthier little humans.

Does Your Kid’s Medicine Cabinet Have These 6 Things?

Teddy bear looking sick with a bandaid on his head

Your essential kit of at-home remedies to soothe your little one’s coughs, colds and fevers.

Germs: Is It Worth Cleaning Your Kids’ Toys?

Toddler plays on the ground with dirty toys

We dig up the dirt on bacteria to find out if it really is bad for our children.

Can You Trust Organic Food In Hong Kong?

Organic Food Hong Kong

The term “organic” can be misleading. Here’s how to identify food that meets international standards.

Is It Worth Eating Organic?

Organic Cherry Tomatoes

We look at what makes organic food different from conventionally grown and what science has to say about whether it’s actually better for you.

3 Soothing Ingredients For Baby’s Bedtime

Baby's Bedtime
Uncover the science behind using natural bedtime aids to calm your baby and promote sleep.

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