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Germs: Is It Worth Cleaning Your Kids’ Toys?

Toddler plays on the ground with dirty toys

We dig up the dirt on bacteria to find out if it really is bad for our children.

Can You Trust Organic Food In Hong Kong?

Organic Food Hong Kong

The term “organic” can be misleading. Here’s how to identify food that meets international standards.

Is It Worth Eating Organic?

Organic Cherry Tomatoes

We look at what makes organic food different from conventionally grown and what science has to say about whether it’s actually better for you.

3 Soothing Ingredients For Baby’s Bedtime

Baby's Bedtime
Uncover the science behind using natural bedtime aids to calm your baby and promote sleep.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep In Your Third Trimester

Pregnant Woman Sleeping
Tips for avoiding back pain, heartburn and midnight toilet breaks to get a good night’s sleep in your third trimester.

Comparing Your Diaper Brands

Baby Diapers Comparison
June investigates how the different diaper brands in Hong Kong stack up.

8 Considerations For Visiting A Newborn

Parents with newborn baby
Here’s what you need to know about visiting friends who have just had a baby.

How To Prepare Your Perineum For Childbirth

Woman with newborn baby in bed after childbirth

Midwife and birthing expert Sofie Jacobs reveals the benefits of perineal massage and shares an easy way to do it at home.

Breaking Down Those Pregnancy ‘Rules’

Breaking Down Those Pregnancy ‘Rules’

Can you drink alcohol, eat sushi and dye your hair while pregnant? The answers may surprise you.

7 Things Couples Can Do Before Having A Baby

couple taking selfie on top of building
Some helpful strategies to prepare your bodies, minds and home before you get pregnant.

The June Story

Children in bathtub
Serving new parents and young families is just the start. We want to make healthier living easy for everyone. Learn how it all got started.

Why Becoming A Dad Can Get Better With Age

Father with son
“Older dad” Hans Eric Hageman shares the keys to keeping up with the kids and Father Time.

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